The King in Yellow

The King in Yellow is inherently a 6 chapter book & play. Altered by the artist and aristocrat know as Lady Cassildra, the book suggests that the original bases of the book may have been created long ago by something much more sinister. Something disturbing and maddening emanates from this book and begs one to read its contents.

Chapter I: This chapter details the first encounter with the yellow sign. The yellow sign comes to the one chosen, it comes in literature, in the arts, it buries itself deep into the mind and it never leaves. The sign demands ultimate attention, and resistance is all harmful to those who do not bear the yellow sign as the almighty. The chapter in force, details that those who encounter the yellow sign are ultimately doomed by the king in yellow – it is his way of infecting, recruiting, and driving one to madness – and most importantly, how to infect others with it. The last page details the picture of the sign and you feel like something sinister immediately jumps into your mind.

Chapter II: Chapter 2 further delves into the history of the king in yellow and documents how the mysterious king in yellow utilizes literature and the arts to infect madness into society. Cassildra seems to have made some footnotes here where she agrees and praises this information, and reflects how she could do better. It appears that libraries and high society can act as cultist hotspots for those worshipping the yellow sign. Cassildra notes that she her beautiful home will soon be painted yellow and all shall see this splendor.

Chapter III: Some pages are ripped out, and there are a series of mad scrawlings in this chapter resembling the handwriting from before. The personal notes begin to outline an idea for a grand play that follows later in the book to spread the sign to all, to praise the king in yellow – Faerun will look marvelous in yellow, and what better way than recruiting my favorite minstrels. Finally, the pages slowly begin to scale inwards and become increasingly thinner, slowly beginning to reveal a ghastly image that evokes immense fear in the back of the book.


The King in Yellow

DND 5E (beginning date 12/6/2015) EricMichael