The Master of the Iron Sky, known as Telos in most tongues, was a primordial who fell to the tundra of Vaasa during the Spellplague.

He dementedly remains there, comatose, while a sect of elite, native warriors known as The Warlock Knights, mined what they called Ironfell or “the iron” from his body through ancient ritualistic magic and crafting. This material, which regenerated quickly, was used by the Knights to fashion items and constructs they called Shardsouls.

Succumbing to brutal warfare, distention within the higher ranks, and rebellion, the empire of the Warlock Knights is but a whisper to this day as a powerful relic that powered their ritualistic control over Ironfell has been lost to time. Currently, they exist as a mere flicker that is rumored to cling to the ideals of reforming their empire.

Little is known about the current state of Telos himself, save that a city has since been erected in his name and currently stands as the central hub of Vaasa.



DND 5E (beginning date 12/6/2015) EricMichael