Yophina Hexbolt

Gnome Fighter


Yophina Hexbolt, of the famous Hexbolt Company. For Generations members of her family have worked for the company which deals with precious gems, not only cutting them for jewelers but more importantly cutting super exotic gems so that they correctly give off the amount of power they need to power machines.

The youngest and only daughter of the current head of the company she is expected to take on role of the head of the gem cutting division just like her mother. However she has always been more like that of her 8 older brothers and loved listening to their stories of the world as they traveled in search of more and different precious gems.

She has now decided that she too will embark to see the world in for search for something much more valuable then gemstones…… adventure!

Yophina Hexbolt

DND 5E (beginning date 12/6/2015) AndrewPavlik