Human Warlock (Criminal)


Quraft Bio (First Rough Drafts)

Quraft is the definition of “Born a silvertail”. His father was one of the King’s Royal Guard, and his mother was the Queen’s most loyal friend and confidante. As a young boy he would often play, learn, and train alongside the princes and princesses of the kingdom. Without the responsibility of a title to uphold, Quraft was given leniences that even the royal children were not. This lifestyle allowed Quraft to indulge in hobbies that most could only dream of. He would read long into the night hours, take strolls along the river, and carry on long conversations with both the academics, and regular folk around the capital city. Quraft was a quick learner who was good at almost anything, however he never seemed to excel at anything well enough to make a living from it. But that hardly mattered, because he had everything he could ever want. In a feeble attempt to appease his parents Qurafte even attended a wizard’s academy for two seasons until he left, realizing how long it would take to learn even the basics. The only real interesting thing he had retained from his time there was that some creatures were so powerful that they could give you abilities on a contractual basis. Though this intrigued Quraft it was hardly worth the effort to find one of these creatures, and make a pact with one of them. It was not until three years after his return that he would find his true calling.
Prior to the youngest prince’s kidnapping the kingdom had seen little in the way of ill fortune. Quraft was 10 years the boys senior, however since Quraft had little to do during the day he often would play with the young prince. Quraft would escort him around town, showing him the best places to find both interesting things and people. They would frequent the market, training grounds, and even the taverns along the cities furthest reaching walls. It was on one of these trips to the taverns when the young prince was recognized and snatched up by band of traveling thieves, known as the Chaos Riders. They snatched the boy as he was making his way back to Quraft from across the bar. Quraft gave chase but was unable to catch up to men on horseback, although he was able to find a note dropped by one of the thieves mentioning the location of their local base of operations. This was not Qrafts’ first brush with luck, but it was the beginning of a string of lucky coincidences that would change the trajectory of his life.
Upon hearing of his son’s disappearance the king demanded a party be formed and lead by Quraft’s father to attack the hideout of the Chaos Riders, and much to Quraft’s relief he was not asked to accompany them. It was three days later when Quraft’s father shambled back into town, bloody, beaten, and alone. Knowing the advantage was lost and that he had lost many of his best men, the king decided to abandon any hope of finding his lost son. Upon hearing that the king had given up Quraft began to feel guilty. Until then he figured that everything would be solved and that he had no part in the rescue, because he was neither a knight or a tracker. However, once Quraft realized that his young companion was not worth the resources to track down he decided that the responsibility would have to fall on him.
Quraft was not a skilled tracker, but he did know people from everywhere within the capital walls, certainly someone must know where he could find the Chaos Riders. Within a few days he had found a way to the thieves, however it would require him to become one of them. The Chaos Riders were an exclusive group that only allowed the best thieves to join. So in order to catch their attention you needed to preform a job so spectacular that the news of your triumph would reach their ears. It just so happened that a group of Elven ambassadors were visiting and escorting a priceless relic across the countryside to its new home in the human dominion. Quraft, knowing he would be allowed to see the artifact decided he would steal it to make a name for himself among the thieves. After a haphazard execution of his half baked plan he escaped with the relic and delivered it to a smuggler outside of the city, and told him to bring news to the Chaos Riders of a new master thief within the city. It was within the week that the Chaos Riders made their presence known, and inducted Quraft into their ranks. For a little under a month Quraft worked undercover as a Chaos Rider until he was able to obtain the location of the lost prince. He was being held in a mountainous fortress, saved for some type of satanic ritual to be preformed the during the fall equinox. For the months leading up the ritual Quraft moved his way up the ranks, and researched any tidbit he could about the workings of this ritual. In the end on the day of the ritual he found himself front and center within their evil circle.
What happened next is a blur, Quraft had a plan to interrupt the ritual at a crutial time where all of the others would be entranced, making his getaway simpler, however that did not happen. The void they opened was so powerful with dark energy that Quraft could not help but stair into the blackness. While looking he saw the truth of all things, and for one split second he understood it all, and within that time he struck a deal with the entity looking back at him. If he could someday reach this level of understanding again, he would serve the Great Old One he gazed upon. With that one thought the deal was done, and the void closed. All of the Chaos Riders were shocked, they had not expected it to end so abruptly and without climax, but there it was. Also to their surprise there boy sacrifice was still alive. It was at that moment that the lord of the thieves heard a voice far off in the distance. It told him that the boy had displeased the gods and that he should be sent away with their new member Quraft, back to the city where they both had come from. With this Quraft returned a hero, but he was no longer his own man. He was plagued by the fact that he needed to see the truth again, and he spent long nights in his room contemplating the stars. That was until one day he had a dream. In the dream a figure came to him and said, that he must spread chaos across the land, and to test those who believe that they have the answers to life. Only by destabilizing others who seek the answers would Quraft get closer to his goal. It was vague yet clear all at the same time. Quraft needed to leave the city and his loving parents to find others who wanted what he did, and he needed to destroy them.
In the words of Quraft, or at least his dreams, “A War Between Cults Will Always Cause Chaos”


DND 5E (beginning date 12/6/2015) Phosphy