Laraelra Harsard

Heir to the Blackstaff


Laraelra Harsard is the current heir to the Blackstaff title of Blackstaff Tower in the city of Waterdeep, under current Blackstaff wielder, Vajra Safahr. Laraelra currently oversees the apprentices and wards within the tower.

Born with inherent magical ability, Laraelra only began to exercise her craft after a chance encounter with a delerious Vajra Safahr in the cities sewer system after the acquisition of her blackstaff powers left her vulnerable and was apprehended by a rival magicians guild. Together, with the help of the cities plumbing guild, the two women overcame their captors and Vajra soon entrusted Laraelra with apprenticeship.

Laraelra Harsard

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