Awth Redscale

Dragonborn soothsayer


Awth Redscale

Awth was the first child of Lady Darnathia Redscale daughter of Sir Balfar Redscale warden of the Crimson Coast and the Obsidian Isles. Unfortunately for Awth he was not the first child of Lady Darnathia’s husband Sir Valen Redscale (Darnathia’s Younger Brother). The infidelity was only discovered on the day of Awth’s birth, when he emerged and the color of his scales did not match the ruby red pigmentation of his parents. He was immediately removed from Castle Redscale and sent to off to live with the others of his kind. Awth’s kind or The Green Ones , hold the lowest ranks among the dragonborn in the Obsidian Isles, due to their inability to wield one of the core earthly elements of, Fire, Ice, Acid, or Lightning. Frequently The Green Ones must result to crime and begging to survive thus furthering their negative image. It just so happened that on the night of Awth’s birth one of the traveling gypsy bands of Green Ones was traveling through, and he was unloaded onto them. They were paid handsomely to take him away, and discard him far from the castle. Luckily for Awth one of the older couples in the caravan, who had never been able to have children, took him in and raised him as their own.

Many years past and a young Awth was living happily with parents who loved him in the caravan until one day they came upon a military blockade run by house Redscale. The caravan was familiar with military shake downs but they were surprised when Sir Valen himself was out front checking all of the caravan members. Long story short Awth was taken and the rest of the caravan including their members were purged with fire. Apparently Lady Darnathia refused to give Sir Valen an hair unless her son was brought back to her.

Upon his return Awth was treated poorly by everyone but his mother and her soothsayer who has prophesied his return. For a while Awth could not believe their stories of his birth and he hated them for what they had done to his real family, so in order to convince him the soothsayer began to teach Awth the ways of Divination. With his growing talents Awth soon was able to find the truth and he became slightly more accepting of his place at Castle Redscale. That was until a new heir was finally born, and there would now be no need to appease Lady Darnathia.

Awth is unsure if it was magic or just a bad feeling but on the night if the new boys birth he left Castle Redscale and fled to the sword coast. Once there he was able to find work as a finder. He would help find objects and people that others needed to find for whatever reason as long as he was paid. This works well for him but he does long to go home, or at least find somewhere or something to make a new home on the sword coast.

Awth Redscale

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