DND 5E (beginning date 12/6/2015)

Session 4

  • As the players make their way through Galardrym Stronghold further, they infiltrate the meeting chambers where they discover Tad,, who was waiting for a surprise attack on the orc captain there who held the leader of The Coppercoin Company, Bunta, in captive.
  • After rescuing Bunta, it is discovered that Athagand and a small envoy of mystics have traveled further into the mines in pursuit of something particular while taking Yophina Hexbolt in tow.
  • In the mines, it quickly becomes clear that a strange ore has begun to populate the mines that resembles jet black stone with red, web-like veins running through it. Strangely, the ore seems to have grown itself from the remnants of discarded weapons and armor left within the mine from days past.
  • A confrontation with Athagand in the inner chamber revealed that Athagand, despite his name, was not a giant but in fact using potions of giant growth to achieve the illusion. More importantly, an unknown mystic garbed in black and red accompanied Athgand and seems to have guided his motives to attack the keep. After the defeat of Athagand, it became apparent that the mystic did not find what he was looking for in this chamber, but was it here at some point? and what of the unknown symbol marked on the ground?
  • In an attempt to kidnap Yophina Hexbolt due to her connections with gnomish jewel crafters, the mystic tried to flee the scene with her but was thwarted by the efforts of the party. Yophinia is safe, but the mystic managed narrow escape using a spell to meld with the mountain.



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