DND 5E (beginning date 12/6/2015)

Session 3

  • On their way out of The Misty Forest, the party encounters an old graveyard featuring a crypt adorned with the Silverkey family insignia. Intrigued by the family plot, the party investigates lightly but ultimately decides to bypass exploring the crypt and marks the location in their minds.
  • Upon returning to The Ornate Lodge, Kellam receives a letter from Tad stating that he and Yopinia have departed for a Dwarven mining outpost on the edge of the Sword Mountains after receiving information from an elven druid called Braeth about an attack on the outpost led by a band of raiding orcs led by an ogre called Athagand the Giant. Braeth originally requested meeting with Kellam, but due to time constraints and a past acquaintance, he trusted and gave the information to Tad. Miah Cohmpaneon decides to stay at the ornate lodge and work for awhile as a barmaid while she clears her head of recent incident.
  • Quraft, El, and Kellam begin their 2 day journey to the mining outpost first thing in the morning, and while traveling, Quraft begins to read more into the mysterious The King in Yellow and while stumbling through the pages, madness takes hold and he develops temporary amnesia of all information except for basic self information.
  • Arriving at the site, the party begins to clear their way and keep patrolling orcs at bay making their way into the mountain passages of the small keep. Through their progress, no signs of Yophinia or Tad can be seen, but they managed to rescue a dwarven prisoner by the name of Gundve who notifies the party that the rest of his clan are held captive in the audience chamber, while Athagand and the orcish officers have traveled deeper into the mines.



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