DND 5E (beginning date 12/6/2015)

Session 1

A taste of madness

  • A year has passed since Quraft, Kellam, El, and Tad have seen each other at the small, nameless inn along the trade route by the Misty Forest. However, as fate would have it, Kellam, El, and Tad receive mysterious letters instructing them to meet at the old inn (now called The Ornate Lodge) to assist Quraft on an adventure with the prospect of treasure. Kellam, postponing his research; El, postponing his personal quest; and Tad, postponing his mapping of local giant clans decide to assist Quraft’s call for help if not just out of curiosity.
  • Yophinia Hexbolt, a wandering gnome jeweler, escorts her new friend, Miah Cohmpaneon, who received a letter due to her past presence at the old inn.
  • Once present, all of the adventurers are instructed by Roland to seek Quraft in the Misty Woods, which is about a day’s travel from the Ornate Lodge. Once there, he lets them know the secret to traveling The Misty Forest will come to them in dreams (perhaps Roland put something in the ale served? )
  • Triumphantly dispelling the dream riddles, the party arrives at a dilapidated tower in a glen in the woods called The Tower of the Silver Key. Quraft was waiting for them, however, a group of bandits who seemed to have some intelligence on the situation got a slight jump on the party. The leader of the small group was researched to be Mia Cohmpaneon’s sister. They were left unconscious at the scene after defeat.
  • Tad revealed that the area seemed to be visited frequently, and trying to get inside the tower proved to be a bit difficult as Yophinia ran into some of the tower’s natural residents taking home in the ruins. Ultimately, the party decided to use a secret route accessible through a strange device concealed in the statue of a Great Old One depiction.
  • The situation only became worse once the party realized the tower basement was home to a practicing cult who were in the process of ritually sacrificing the unconscious Mia Cohmpaneon, the cult’s overall intentions were unknown, but the party was able to deduce that they were summoning a creature out of concealment, and that they were following someone referred to as “Master Carcosa”.
  • Upon completion of the death requirement for the cult’s ritual, the dwelling demon harboring part of a shaft of a mysterious staff, is drawn out and attacks the party. The creature is ultimately slain by Tad, but when Quraft pulls out the broken staff shaft, sand begins to pour from the wound and engulf the tower basement. The party, with Miah in tow, begin their escape.



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